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Build connected products for your small business customers by easily integrating with their accounting, banking, eCommerce, PoS, and payment software

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Get to market quickly with integrations that work


Codat standardizes complex business data into a common format allowing you to build faster


Our two way sync capabilities allow real time reconciliation between the systems your customers use

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Deep integrations to over 30 eCommerce, payments, PoS, banking, cloud, ERP and desktop accounting software


We convert different types of business data across systems, to intelligently power your products

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Join the thousands of developers who are working with our API to build the next generation of products for small businesses

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Our docs are simple and easy to understand helping you to get started quickly and bring your product to market

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Reliable integrations that have the coverage you need

Our API provides access to the data sets you need across accounting, banking and eCommerce software

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One API, many applications


Pre-qualify new business customers quickly at scale and reduce risk exposure


Transform underwriting with comprehensive, real-time business data


Monitor your customers with a live, ongoing data connection


Build business dashboards with detailed accounts, metrics and real-time sales data


Build payables integrations for every leading accounting platform


Build receivables integrations for every leading accounting platform

Sync for expenses

Automate your customers’ bookkeeping with seamless expense reconciliation

Sync for commerce

Automate your merchant's bookkeeping with native accounting integrations

Sync for banking

Automate your customers’ bookkeeping with integrations to every accounting platform

"Zettle by PayPal is dedicated to providing small businesses with the best tools to build their business and allowing our products to fit neatly with the rest of the software they use is vital for us. Codat has allowed us to offer a market-beating product without a huge development spend."

Stephane Koch
Corporate Development Manager

"Accounting data is a critical part in making the best investment decisions for Clearco’s customers. Codat’s API allows us to quickly assess accuracy and risk while at the same time maintain our streamlined application process."

Ben Brideaux
Director of Operations
Leading coverage

We have built deep integrations to all the major financial software providers used by your customers

Focus on your product and let Codat handle the heavy lifting of building and maintaining multiple integrations