How lenders are using Codat

“We can access the data that we need in order to make a funding decision within days. It also means that our customers don’t have to spend time each month manually uploading accounts.”

“Accounting data is a critical part in making the best investment decisions for Clearbanc’s customers. Codat’s API allows us to quickly assess accuracy and risk while at the same time maintain our streamlined application process.”

“Codat is an integral part of our solution which allows lenders to get a holistic financial profile of a small business in a matter of minutes rather than days.”

Codat Lending Partners

Why partner with Codat?

  • Receive accurate and up-to-date contributed accounting data from your small business customers.

  • Make faster and smarter lending decisions.

  • Deliver a more convenient and seamless experience for your customers.

  • A fully white labelled solution.

Data sources include

How it works

  1. 1. Authorization

    Codat handles the technical complexities of the initial and on-going connection to end-users accounting software; either via protocols such as OAuth or direct connection in the case of on-premise software.

  2. 2. Standardization

    Codat maps data to a standard format independent of the underlying accounting software used by your small business customers.

  3. 3. Connectivity

    Codat facilitates the information flow that allows you to deliver better products and experiences for your customers.

  4. 4. Synchronization

    An on-going data feed is enabled via hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or at a custom frequency of your choosing. Codat allows you to request selective datapoints to suit your product.

  5. 5. Monitoring

    Automated connection monitoring with customisable triggers and alerts as well as on-going support from the Codat team.

1. Authorization
2. Standardization
3. Connectivity
4. Synchronization
5. Monitoring


Does Codat allow for a two way data flow?

Codat both extracts data from your customers accounting software for your consumption as well as inserts data from your platform into their accounting software. A two way data flow.

For instance, a bank could pull data from their customers accounting software packager in order to make accurate lending decisions. A bank could also push transactional data into their customers accounting software package.

Codat supports both the push and pull of data from both cloud and on-premise versions of customers' accounting software. Some of the data sources include Clearbooks, Xero, Sage, Quickbooks.
Find out how Codat works here.

What type of data sources do Codat support?

Codat supports integrations with three types of data sources; Accounting, Banking and Commerce.

How does it work?

Codat handles four key parts of the process for your integrations: authorization, standardization, connectivity and synchronization. These steps should allow you to have integrations up and running very quickly and let you focus on your core business objectives. Get in touch to find out more

How long is the implementation process?

Speed of implementation will depend on how your company would like to use Codat’s API and the data sets it would like to push and pull that best suit your business needs and the needs of your customers.

If you’re a lender the process is simple. Codat could get you up and running in a matter of days. Our solution is faster, simpler and less expensive than building in house.

Depending on this implementation can take between 2 weeks and 2 months.

What does Codat offer to financial service providers?

Codat provides financial service providers with seamless integrations with the software used by your small business customers - all through a single API.

We make accounting integration simple.