Introducing: Codat Insiders

Codat Insiders
The new program allows candidates to connect with team members outside of interviews to learn about our culture and ways of working.

A few weeks ago, we set out our core approach to hiring in our How Codat hires article. 

One of the key principles is ‘putting candidates at ease’, a priority for us when it comes to hiring. We want to ensure that we act on our words and that is why we have launched Codat Insiders, a program that allows candidates access to the real people that work at Codat.

What’s the aim of the program?

Interview processes should be a two-way street and we want to ensure that you have every opportunity to learn about life at Codat, our company culture, and ways of working. 

Ultimately, we want to provide as much insight as possible on what it’s actually like to work at Codat and we recognize that this can mean different things to different people. For instance, you may have questions about being a working parent and the flexibility on offer, or perhaps you’d like to know more about diversity in the workplace and how we’re making Codat a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. Maybe you just want to make sure you have a good connection with the people you could end up working with.  

Insiders allows candidates to ask these questions to people other than interviewers, their potential new manager, or the Talent team.

How does it actually work?

All candidates who progress to the first Interview (the interview following your initial call with a member of the Talent team), will be provided with a link to access our Codat Insiders page. From here, you will be able to book a 30-minute call with the team member of your choice. We currently have 6 members of the Codat team available to chat with and we plan to expand this in the near future. 

The key thing to note is that this chat has no bearing on the interview process or securing a role at Codat. It is entirely for your benefit. Neither the Talent team nor the hiring manager will be made aware of the conversation taking place or the topics discussed. We want it to be a completely safe space for you to ask the important questions to help you determine whether Codat is the right fit for you.

Meet our Insiders

One final note

These sessions are also not compulsory, no one will check to see if you used the program, it’s just an option that’s there if you want it.

We hope that by providing this platform, candidates will gain a better understanding of what we’re all about. We also hope that it will help to relieve some of the anxieties you inevitably face when choosing a new job and company. 

If you are interested in exploring an opportunity with Codat, please check out our Careers page.

Zak Forbes, Global Talent Lead