Oracle NetSuite API Integration

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based business management software suite used primarily by mid & large scale businesses. Companies use NetSuite to track their finances, maintain CRM systems, and much more. Via Codat’s Oracle NetSuite integration, you can pull, push, and update an array of useful business data, including Chart of Accounts, Profit & Loss, and Journal Entries.

Popular ways to use a Oracle NetSuite API integration


Quickly understand risk when onboarding and underwriting new small business customers.

Managing expenses

Streamline expense reconciliation and expedite your corporate card approval process.


Develop powerful dashboards and forecasts using a real-time Oracle NetSuite integration.

Automating payables and receivables

Automate your customers’ payables and receivables processes with two-way access to their accounting, banking, and commerce platforms.

A guide to building an Oracle NetSuite integration

Tips for building an Oracle NetSuite API integration

Learn how to streamline and simplify your build when working with the NetSuite API.