Sync for Commerce

Embed accounting integrations for your merchants

Sync for Commerce makes it easy for Point-of-Sale and eCommerce platforms to provide accounting integrations for merchants.

Automatically reconcile your platform with merchants' accounts

Embed Codat's white-label product to deliver native integration with full control over how you monetize this high-value feature, without costly in-house development.

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Acquire more merchants

41% of merchants will not use a platform that lacks accounting integrations.

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Raise revenue

Sell accounting as an add-on or promote plan upgrades.

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Reduce churn

Merchants with integrated accounting are half as likely to churn.

Commerce to accounting, solved

Send orders, payments, and transactions to their respective endpoints. Let Sync for Commerce take care of everything else.

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Accounting automation that scales

Sync for Commerce processes millions of datasets every day. Don't waste time finding the edge cases that we've already found - ship quality accounting integrations from launch.

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All the features your merchants need

We built automated bookkeeping so you don't have to. Sync for Commerce gives you the features you need to save merchants time and money.

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Reduce support tickets

Ensure every merchant has a great experience with reliable integrations and detailed monitoring tools that let your first-line support teams resolve tickets quickly.


Give customers back time to run their business

Point-of-Sale providers use Sync for Commerce to give merchants accounting integrations that automate bookkeeping, saving them time and money.

Making life easier

How Zettle by PayPal increases retention of high-value merchants.

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Native accounting sync

Why more Point-of-Sale and eCommerce platforms are building native integrations.

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