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Build connected accounting experiences

Codat's specialized data products make it easy to access, synchronize and interpret data from customers’ financial software.

Trusted by leading fintechs and financial institutions


Faster compared to building alone

Codat helps industry leaders launch new integrations in weeks, not months.


Lower maintenance requirements

Codat takes care of ongoing maintenance, optimizations, and edge-case fixes.


More efficient underwriting

Lenders use Codat to automate the collection and processing of financial information.

Use cases

Specialized infrastructure to support your use case 

Lend to small businesses

Automate data collection processes and make smarter risk decisions with easy access to customers' financial data.

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Automate accounting

Remove barriers to adoption by making sure your products always stay in sync with customers' accounting software.

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Ship integrated products faster

Build to one API that serves data in a consistent, standardized format from 35+ accounting, banking, and commerce platforms.

Codat cuts out the complexity of building and maintaining integrations, so you can focus on delivering powerful products your customers love.

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Data that flows the way you need it to

All the tools you need to read, write, and update data in real-time.

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Use Codat with your stack

Build the way you want with Codat. Choose from multiple client libraries and SDKs to create the best solution for you.

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Easy to build authorization

Set up your system in minutes with a single auth flow for your customers to securely share all their data.

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Secure by default

Codat is built on industry-recognized SOC2 TSP and ISO27001 standards and AES-256 advanced data encryption.

Why Codat?

The hardest thing about building products for small businesses is making them compatible with the interconnected web of other systems they use.

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Solve the challenge of connectivity

Hundreds of banks and fintechs trust Codat to power features for small business lending, accounting automation, and more, turning connected features from their biggest challenge to their greatest differentiator.

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Specialized products for specific use cases

Codat comes pre-built with capabilities to give you a complete end-to-end solution, which is up to 6x faster than building in house.

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The leader backed by leaders

Codat is the world's leading network for small business data. We count some of the biggest names in the industry as customers and investors. 

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Expert guidance

From our solutions team to partnerships, we connect you with the right people and advice to build the best products most efficiently. 

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A partner for product expansion

From accounting automation to digital underwriting, you can build out multiple capabilities without needing multiple providers.

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Battle tested at scale

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have shared their data via Codat’s API, meaning we’ve processed more edge cases and bugs so you won’t have to.

Case studies

Industry leaders run on Codat

Our clients tell us that building with Codat helps them maximize development resources, win new business, improve operational efficiency, and more. 

Revenue-based financing

Ampla deploys cash in under 48 hours “without putting our bottom line at risk.”

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Easy data connectivity

Virgin Money uses Codat to connect to its customers in a simple, standard way.

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More efficient development

Oyster delivers new accounting integrations 6 times faster.

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