Digital lending

Make faster, more accurate lending decisions

Access real-time accounting, banking, and commerce data on your small business customers with Codat’s universal API

The problem

Small business lenders lack real time and holistic data on their customers, creating considerable work for both the lender and borrower

The solution

Through Codat’s universal API, lenders are able to easily access the contextual data and actionable insights they need to make intelligent lending decisions

How digital lenders are using Codat

E-Commerce lending

E-commerce Lenders pull merchants' real-time commerce data and auto-calculated sales metrics using Assess to better understand merchant health.

Working capital

Financial providers use Assess to make risk decisions on their customers when underwriting for working capital loans.

SaaS financing

Lenders use Assess to pull their SaaS business customers' real time data, and sales and financial ratios so they can underwrite SaaS businesses for lending.


B2B BNPL providers pull real-time business data at the Point of Sale using Assess so they can get a full picture of an SMB in minutes and offer flexible financing quickly.

Term lending

Lenders pull real-time accounting, commerce, and banking data using Assess better understand risk when underwriting an SMBs for term loans.

Invoice finance

Lenders pull their SMB customers' invoices, and auto-calculated sales and financial ratios Assess to make better risk decisions when offering invoice financing.