Lending API

Data for more efficient and profitable business lending

Get easy access to customers’ financial data, enhanced with features to help you verify accuracy and categorize data in the most useful way.

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Cut out painful processes

Reduce operating costs by eliminating document collection and time-consuming financial statement spreading.

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Accurately quantify risk

Get live data direct from the source, with built-in features that help you identify loan stacking, fraudulent behaviour, and inaccuracies so you can quantify risk with confidence.


Increase borrower conversion

Make the process of sharing data quick and simple for borrowers, so you receive more completed applications.

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A fast, accurate view of affordability

The Lending API allows you to quickly retrieve banking data, then automatically categorizes bank transactions to give you a more accurate view of liquidity and help you automate decisions for low value loans.


The most comprehensive picture of financial performance

Get more insight into business profitability, solvency, and efficiency with access to the full suite of financial statements as well as reports to uncover loan stacking and tax liabilities.

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Manage the full lifecycle for receivables, payables & revenue-based financing

Live, ongoing access to payables & receivables ledgers, plus sales, orders, and inventory from 16 commerce platforms. The Lending API includes features to verify payment of invoices from customers’ banking data to help you catch fraudulent claims.

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Automate ratio calculation for more efficient processing

Machine learning models trained on thousands of small business data sets automatically categorize each business’s chart of accounts into a standardized set of financial statements. Data can be piped directly into your loan management system, so your team can spend less time making sense of messy accounts.

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Stop spending hours collecting data from customers

Your customers share their data in a few clicks with our pre-built connection flow, so you can stop wasting time chasing the right information, and more of your customers will successfully complete the application process.


Lending with Codat

Digital lenders and fintechs make faster, more accurate lending decisions when they use Codat to power their models with up-to-date, comprehensive data.

Insights that power lending

Explore how Playter reduced underwriting from 10 hours to 10 mins.

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Accelerate applications

See how Ampla uses data to finance businesses quickly and with confidence.

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