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Build payments products merchants love

Payments and POS providers use Codat to grow transaction volume, establish new revenue streams, and minimize churn by making products easier to use, saving merchants time with accounting automation, and accessing off-platform data for embedded lending.

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Payments and POS is a competitive market. Small and medium-sized merchants are quick to switch and often use multiple platforms and solutions.


Deep connections between payments and POS and the rest of the business finance stack make products harder to replace and help grow volume and adoption.

Purpose-built APIs for deeper connections with merchants

41% of merchants will not consider a payments or POS solution that does not connect to their accounting software.

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Simple and powerful connections

Merchants connect their accounts in minutes to access value-adding features like accounting sync and capital.


Clear value for merchants

Provide embeddable accounting automation that saves merchants between 10 and 20 hours every month and halves their likelihood to churn.

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Strategic value for platforms

Access data from connected platforms to better understand merchants and expand eligibility for capital products.

Use cases

Find out how Codat could work for you

Add value throughout the customer lifecycle and across multiple revenue streams.

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Accounting automation

Retain merchants and grow transaction volume by embedding time-saving accounting automation features.

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Merchant risk

Protect against chargebacks and speed up onboarding by connecting directly to merchant financial data.

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Scale lending products faster with the same API that the most innovative business lenders use.

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Insights from across Payments and Point-of-Sale

Customer story: PayPal Zettle

PayPal Zettle reduced merchant churn by 20% by embedding accounting automation with Codat

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How to create new revenue streams in Point-of-Sale

The current landscape exhibits a range of approaches to monetising added-value features and increasing revenue per merchant.

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Tackling the churn problem in Point-of-Sale

Codat CEO and Co-Founder Pete Lord writes in Finextra about how payments businesses are tackling the particular challenges of the small and medium-sized business segment

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Five Business Software Trends Payments Providers Need to Know

Codat / YouGov survey of hundreds of merchants reveals scale of demand for connectivity, specialized payments products, and changing priorities.

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