Sync for Expenses

Automate the entire bookkeeping process for customers

Sync for Expenses makes it easy for expense management platforms to build and maintain accounting integrations that customers love.

The new standard in accounting automation

Launch new accounting integrations faster and save on ongoing maintenance by standardizing how you sync with bookkeeping software and ERPs.


Increase share of wallet

Make your card your customers' favorite way to spend. Understand how your customers are spending and grow interchange revenue.

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Go to market quickly

Ship robust and feature-rich expense management integrations with leading accounting platforms six times faster via a single, streamlined API

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Free up development resources

Run your accounting integrations on infrastructure proven at scale without the hassle of ongoing API maintenance and optimization.

Win on integration quality

58% of small businesses say they choose one spending solution over another based on quality of accounting integration. Integrate with Sync for Expenses to ship multiple high-quality accounting integrations in a couple of weeks.

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Offer an end-to-end solution

Sync for Expenses lets your integrations seamlessly sync receipts and other attachments with accounting software in a simple, standard manner.

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A standard data model for pushing expenses to accounting

Different accounting platforms require expenses to be represented differently. Sync for Expenses maps different systems to its standard data model, so you can build once and deliver integrations to multiple accounting platforms.

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Reliable infrastructure for advanced accounting automation

Sync for Expenses makes it easy to receive, store, and use detailed mapping and configuration settings from your users. When users make a change, Sync for Expenses notices so you can prompt users to reconfigure their sync.


The future of expense management

Solve accounting automation and focus on the job of building the complete financial operating system for small businesses.

Why Sync for Expenses?

Sync for Expenses API solves accounting automation for expense management.

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Reduce onboarding times

Cape reduced onboarding times by 50%, saving hundreds of admin hours.

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