Bank Feeds API

Accounting connections that customers simply expect

Bank Feeds API makes it easy for banks, corporate card issuers, and payments providers to ensure customers can access their transaction data within their accounting software, without requiring third-party middleware or manual file uploads.

Native user experience

Push transactions to where your customers need them, without the costs and complexity of building from scratch.

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Win new customers

41% will not consider a business bank account, corporate card, or payments solution if a feed is not supported by their accounting software. Nobody wants to upload statements manually.

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Add more value

Embed your app at the center of your small business customers’ operations with integrations for critical finance processes.

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Simplify development

Integrate with an easy-to-understand API to deliver feeds for multiple platforms and run on reliable, scalable infrastructure.

Just push transactions and we’ll do the rest

Get to market faster with a simple integration and battle-tested, scalable API.


Stream transactions to accounting software

Build bank feeds that look and feel like a native part of the accounting platforms your customers use. No middleware and no confusing set-up steps. Just the connectivity your users expect, delivered as if their accounting software had built it themselves.

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Direct feeds into Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, and NetSuite

Deliver bank feeds across multiple accounting platforms by integrating with one easy-to-understand API. Push transactions and let us worry about the differences between each accounting platform.

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The easy-to-use API you've been looking for

Bank feed integrations can be tricky to build and maintain. If you don’t want to think about XML, custom file formats, or screen scraping then Bank Feeds API is the secure, reliable, and well-documented REST API you have been looking for.


Automate bookkeeping

Banks, corporate card, and payment providers use Bank Feeds to start automating the reconciliation process for their small business customers. 

Bank reconciliation

Bank feeds and accounting integrations: why customers need both.

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Getting started

Documentation on building bank feeds with Codat.

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