Sync for Payables

Accounting sync built for AP automation

Sync for Payables is the hassle-free way to integrate your bill pay solution with accounting platforms. We take care of all of the accounting technicalities so you can focus on increasing payment volumes.


Increase share of wallet

Add bill payment features to your product to get customers spending more on your platform.

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Expand your addressable market

Win more customers by making your AP automation product compatible with systems used by more small businesses.

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Get to market faster

Use one standardized data model to sync bills and bill payments to all major accounting platforms.

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Handle accounting complexity with ease

Sync for payables supports credit notes, refunds, partial payments, and bulk payments, giving you the most fully featured bill pay solution.

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Build once, sync data with all the major accounting & ERP platforms

Sync for Payables puts data from any supported accounting and ERP package into a single standardized model, so there’s no need for you to build multiple accounting integrations.

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A step-by-step guide to accounting sync

Our API documentation tailored for payment providers is the most pain-free way to deliver accounting sync. Its comprehensive SDK includes sample requests and responses for the full range accounts payable workflows.


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Integrations that customers love

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