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About Us

Codat makes data integration seamless for the small business economy.

Through our single API, financial service providers can easily access accurate contributed accounting data from their small business customers.

Codat are the pipes that connect small business data, whether that’s a lender pulling information from a company’s cloud accounting package, or a payment terminal immediately pushing sales information into company accounts.

We’re building an ecosystem of connected datasets that means small businesses are finally seeing the benefit of real innovation, with better products and services.

Codat currently has over 50 clients spanning across various different industries from traditional lenders to invoice financing, insurance to cashflow forecasting.

Codat in numbers

65 Clients around the world
77 Employees and growing fast
15000+ Small businesses connecting each month
19 Data sources supported today

“We've only just started to scratch the surface of the change that will come from allowing businesses to leverage their own data.”

Peter Lord

Codat Leadership

Peter Lord

CEO & Co-Founder

Alex Cardona

COO & Co-Founder

Dave Hoare

CTO & Co-Founder

Jason Dryhurst-Smith

Head of Engineering

John Hicks

Head of QA & Support

Matt Hicks

Commercial Director

Tom Denny

Head of People

Yasamin Karimi

Head of Product

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