Sit down with Andrew King, Head of Growth

Sit down with Andrew King, Head of Growth

Hear from Codat’s Head of Growth, Andrew King, on what attracted him to Codat, the evolution of his role, and what he’s looking forward to most this year.

Tell us about your role and how it impacts Codat’s mission

I help make it easier for start-ups and other developer-led fintechs to use Codat. These companies are transforming the financial services landscape for small businesses by building better and more relevant products and services. Making it easier for them to build their products on Codat and scale their business with us is core to our mission of making life easier for small businesses.

What’s unique about your day-to-day role?

I get to meet so many fascinating people with unique ideas about how we can change the world for small businesses. It’s very rewarding to know that I’m helping to enable the next generation of innovative world-class companies.

What attracted you to this role?

The hybrid nature of the role attracted me in the first place. When considering my next career move, I wanted to work at a company with lots of really smart and interesting people, where I could have a lot of ownership and autonomy over my role, and where the founders were good and regular people. Codat checked all those boxes and then some.

How has your role evolved in the past few months?

In so many ways! Probably the most significant evolution is that I’ve started to look after our Client Success team, which allows me to work closely with some genuinely amazing teammates and get into the weeds with clients who are building truly amazing products on Codat.

If someone is interested in working at Codat, what is the best way to learn about us?

Email me! I’m always down to chat.

What unique projects are you working on this year?

I’m particularly excited about a project that leverages our scale and network to build deeper and differentiated partnerships for our developers with our data partners.

What personal/professional goals do you have for 2022?

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve written any code or done anything remotely technical. I’d love to do that again in 2022.

What podcasts or books have you been hooked on lately?

Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson. (Not a light read, it gets pretty real).

The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu. 

Revolutions Podcast hosted by Mike Duncan.

The Lowe Post Podcast hosted by Zach Lowe.

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