Build small business dashboards

Become the complete financial command center

Give customers a single place to run their business by aggregating and surfacing data from bank accounts, accounting and ERP software, and eCommerce, Point-of-Sale and payments platforms.

Deepen customer relationships

Centralize data from across your customers' financial stack so they can run more of their business in one place.

Grow revenue

Acquire and retain more customers with broad platform coverage. Make it easy to discover and use your full range of products.

Incentivize data sharing

Create dashboards that add real value. Know your customers better with on-demand access to financial data.

Embedded financial dashboards

Leading financial institutions and fintech providers use Codat’s standardized API to aggregate data and build powerful dashboards for their small business customers.

Powerful financial planning

Cash flow forecasting and financial analytics platforms use standardized business data to build real-time reporting. Optimize how you connect to your customers’ accounting software so they can start seeing value as quickly as possible.

Real-time carbon accounting

Environmental impact platforms use accounting data to calculate and track emissions throughout the supply chain accurately. Support small businesses with a detailed assessment of their carbon footprint, regardless of the financial systems they use.

Small business financial integrations made simple

From big banks to SaaS startups, Codat is powering integrations in products small businesses love

Business management hub

Virgin Money quickly launched an insights dashboard that connects to cloud accounting systems used by over 62% of UK small businesses.

Carbon accounting

Dodo took time-to-value from months to minutes by using accounting data to measure Scope 3 supply chain emissions.

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