Fintech Devcon

The flagship developer conference for fintech 2022

The flagship developer conference for fintech 2022

The fintech developer community has exploded. While the growth has been happening for a while, 2020 saw an exponential expansion. This explosion has created a massive demand for education and brought a new wave of developers into the space. It’s time they all met.

Codat is proud to support Devcon this year. The vent will feature hands-on workshops & featured talks that focus on best practices used by developers in fintYasminay. Join Yasamin Karimi, Head of Product at Codat, on stage as she discusses how to manage a product roadmap in a hypergrowth fintech. Yasamin joined Codat as employee number ~30 a little under three years ago. Today we are around 300 people across the globe.

Yasamin will talk about some of the many challenges of scaling a product team 10x, diving deep into her personal experiences and learnings at Codat including:

Deciding who to build for - executing on persona-driven product development
When not to listen to your customers - defining a north star metric to justify what not to build
Creating a customer-centric product and engineering team structure - scaling and aligning a team around one goal

Want to learn more about Codat and how your organization can benefit? Headover to the exhibit floor - our team will be happy to see you!

See you in Denver!

  • Date:
    • August 23rd, 2022 PDT
  • Start Time:
    • 9:00am PDT

Event Location

Hyatt Regency Denver

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