Banxware is passionate about financing small businesses, the true heroes of our economy.


Transparent financial service

As lending experts, we empower businesses with quick, easy, and transparent financial services. Bringing those services directly on the digital platforms where daily business happens is Banxware's mission. With Banxware, platforms can instantly launch tailored embedded lending solutions for their merchants.

One of Banxware's most established solutions is a white-label Merchant Cash Advance. Merchants on Banxware's partner platforms are offered an easy way to anticipate future revenues and use them to invest in their business already today. Repayment of this instant liquidity boost is done conveniently and dynamically based on actual ongoing revenues. Banxware handles the whole lending process for its partner platforms end-to-end and offers a flexible and easy-to-integrate API-based solution that allows for seamless integration with minimal efforts.