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Why work with a Codat partner?

How Codat partners help you build the best-in-class solutions

Work with our partners and take advantage of their services while concentrating on other aspects of your business. Our partners provide organizations of all sizes with everything needed to build a world-class product spanning digital lending, dashboarding, payments, and much more.


Working within the Codat ecosystem is greater than the sum of its parts. Get the very best out of the Codat ecosystem by working with partners that are experts in their fields.

  • No need to start from scratch
  • Leverage existing expertise
  • Complimentary technology vendors


Reduce time to deployment with technology platforms and providers that have done the hard work for you.

  • Pre-integrated to Codat
  • Existing technology expertise
  • Minimize multi-vendor evaluation


We build & learn with our partners to ensure we’re continuing to innovate in the right ways.

  • Seamless user journeys
  • Client feedback loop
  • Targeted, continuous innovation

Partner types

Find the right partner for your needs

Technology partners

Leading technology partners use our API to continually enhance their products, and create new ones

Services partners

Expert design & delivery partners are on hand to help you concieve and buld your Codat-powered journey

Case Study

How Wiserfunding and Codat helped Playter reduce underwriting from 10 hours to 10 mins

“Customers can connect their accounts in minutes, allowing our risk team to review structured data transactions instantly. The shortened application and underwriting process is huge,” explains Jamie Beaumont, Founder of Playter.

Codat’s easy data sharing model helps to provide a holistic view of credit factors to facilitate screening decisions in seconds and underwriting decisions in hours.

  • With the help of Codat and Wiserfunding, Playter reduced underwriting time from 10 hours to 10 minutes
  • When compared to filed accounts, assessments using management accounts are 99% accurate
  • Using both management and filed account data gave Playter unique and valuable credit insights in over 50% of the businesses reviewed

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