Codat for digital lending

More efficient lending. A clearer view of risk.

Codat connects lenders to small business systems to help them get a more accurate view of risk, underwrite, and service loans more efficiently.

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The cost of capital for non-bank lenders has sky-rocketed, leading 64% to make becoming more efficient a top priority. At the same time, a challenging economy is leading more businesses to default on their loans.


Codat gives lenders the most comprehensive, up-to-date view of customers’ finances so they can make more confident decisions. Our API comes with built-in features to make collecting, processing, and analyzing data more cost efficient.

Data infrastructure to drive efficiency across each stage of the lending lifecycle

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Data collection

Codat’s simple connection flow makes it quick and easy for your customers to share their data in a few clicks, so that more borrowers complete the application process and you don’t waste time chasing up the right information.

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Cash flow analysis

Codat’s Lending API categorizes bank transactions to give you a quick, clear view of cash available after expenses & debt, as well as visibility over other loans.

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Financial statement analysis and ratio calculation

Access a comprehensive set of financial statements directly from customers’ accounting platforms, organized by Codat into a standard chart of accounts so that they can be fed directly into your decisioning engine.

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Portfolio monitoring

Maintain an ongoing connection to customers’ financial data and remove the need to contact customers continuously to check financial stability.

A comprehensive solution for specialist lending

Codat provides a complete toolkit for receivables, payables, and revenue-based financing.

Invoice finance

With ongoing access to customers’ receivables ledger, invoice finance providers can quickly identify invoices eligible to be financed and get a full view of payment history. Codat automatically verifies invoice payment status against bank transactions to help root out fraudulent claims.

B2B buy now pay later

Codat connects B2B BNPL and supply chain finance providers directly to customers’ banking & accounting platforms so they can analyze supplier invoices, retrieve supplier payment details, assess affordability, and financial stability.

eCommerce finance

Merchants can quickly share data from a wide range of sales platforms allowing lenders to quickly get a full picture of revenue across all channels. Lenders can analyze cash flows and financials with access to customers' banking data and financial statements.

See how Codat could work for you

The Lending API is Codat's purpose-built product for digital lenders. Read our comprehensive documentation and step-by-step guides to get set up and configure the API for your lending workflow.

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Codat helps more than 100 business lenders worldwide to get a more accurate view of risk and improve efficiency.


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