Frequently asked questions to help you better understand Codat and what we do


Who does Codat typically work with?

Codat helps some of the largest financial institutions and fintech companies to access, synchronize and interpret data on their business customers.

Codat specializes in powering connectivity to business financial platforms to be used for lending and accounting automation.

Codat does not work directly with small and medium-sized businesses or accounting practices to facilitate integrations between the systems that they use.

Is Codat an alternative to Plaid?

Codat partners with Plaid so business lenders using our Lending API can access open banking and accounting data together to make more informed credit decisions.

Codat does not provide payment initiation services. In other words, Codat cannot facilitate Open Banking payments.

How is data kept secure?

All data are encrypted end-to-end, in transit using SSL, and at rest using AES-256, managed by Microsoft Azure. Codat is ISO27001, SOC 2, and GDPR-compliant. Codat conducts and passes regular penetration testing. Codat's Compliance and Platform Security teams can provide extensive detail on our policies, infrastructure, and more. To connect with them, please get in touch using the form below.

Which platforms can I integrate with via Codat?

Codat provides a range of products that let you connect to all the leading accounting and commerce platforms used by small businesses, as well as bank accounts via our Open Banking partners. A complete list of the integrations you can build via Codat can be found in on this page and you can also see the specific coverage of each product in our docs.

Is Codat’s offering white labelled?

Codat is a completely white labelled solution for banks and payment providers to access and synchronize consented data from their customers.

What support does Codat offer?

Codat provides full developer support to our clients as detailed in the service level agreement and support section of  our Master Services Agreement. For end-user support we request our clients contact Codat on their behalf. If Codat needs to do further troubleshooting with the end user, this can then be arranged. Codat provides self-service support documentation which is available for our clients.

What regions do you cover?

Codat supports the main SMB accounting packages in Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands.