Automate accounting for small businesses

Build better accounting integrations

Reliably automate accounting for your small business customers with a more efficient way to build and maintain complex, feature-rich accounting integrations.

Accelerate your roadmap

Deliver powerful integrations quickly with purpose-built, multi-platform APIs and free up your teams for high-value feature work.

Remove barriers to scale

Eliminate the support and maintenance headaches of integrating with accounting and ERP platforms.

Improve customer experience

Run critical integrations on infrastructure that reliably syncs small business financial data with accounting at scale.

One simple connection flow

41% of small businesses will not consider an application that does not sync with their accounting software or ERP.

  • Optimized for conversion
  • Secure authentication

Expense management

Corporate card issuers and spend management platforms like Jeeves and Capital on Tap build accounting automation faster with Sync for Expenses.

  • Standard expense push for streamlined development
  • Comprehensive features to make integrations your competitive advantage


Point-of-Sale and payments providers like Zettle by PayPal and Lightspeed embed Sync for Commerce to give merchants native accounting integrations that increase revenue and reduce churn.

  • Embed accounting automation as a native feature to capture more value
  • Give merchants a proven solution and reduce support tickets

Business banking

Business banks from global leaders to start-up neo-banks use Codat’s Bank Feeds API to provide the direct connectivity their customers need in their accounting software and ERP platforms.

  • A modern, developer-friendly API for building direct feeds into accounting
  • Give customers a feature they have come to expect from a bank account
APIs for better integrations

Acquire and retain more customers with accounting integrations

Driving usage

Brex reports that customers who integrate accounting spend 8x more.

Increasing retention

Comma sees over 70% of customers integrating accounting.

Winning customers

Zettle appeals to the 86% of merchants for whom integrations drive purchase decisions.

More efficient development

Oyster delivers new accounting integrations 6 times faster.

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