How Comma saved months of work developing 5-star-rated accounting integrations

40% faster time to market per integration

70% customer adoption of integrations

5-star rating on Xero’s marketplace

About Comma

A leading-edge payments platform

Comma was founded with a simple goal: to make it easier for businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers to pay multiple suppliers at once. To enable bulk payments (and transform the payments landscape in the process), Comma leverages Codat to integrate quickly and easily with today’s most popular accounting software—creating an experience that continually delights its customers.

The problem

Transforming a convoluted payments process

Historically, SMBs have used multiple, disconnected systems to manage their financials, making bill payment and reconciliation incredibly time-consuming and challenging. To give customers the ability to bulk pay invoices, salaries, and taxes in one click, Comma needed powerful accounting integrations spanning multiple major platforms. But building those integrations from scratch is costly and time-consuming—especially for a start-up.

“At Comma, we pride ourselves on removing as much friction as possible from the payments process. That’s why it’s important that our customers can pay all of their monthly expenses— their suppliers, their staff—with just one payment.”

– Gianluca Pengo, Chief Technical Officer, Comma

Syncing real-time data

Manual payment processes can be marred by errors. To automate the process of making bulk payments, Comma needed a constant feed of real-time, high-fidelity data to ensure it’s always working from the most up-to-date and accurate accounting information.

Increased connectivity for frictionless payments

Because an SMB’s payments can run the gamut from vendors to taxes to salaries, Comma required a solution that could pull in and standardize basic accounting data while quickly allowing users to easily connect their bank accounts—speeding up the payment process.

The solution

An intuitive, one-to-many solution

To ship quickly and conserve bandwidth, Comma leveraged the pre-built integrations available via Codat. Following a single, simple build, Comma gained access to the accounting platforms used by its target market, providing a quick and easy path to connectivity for its customers.

“Working with Codat, we can address a larger market share without getting bogged down by the little details of integrating with multiple accounting software.”

– Gianluca Pengo, Chief Technical Officer, Comma

Access to all major platforms

With Codat, Comma enabled account connectivity not only for its core user base of Xero customers but for Sage and QuickBooks customers as well—ensuring coverage of its target market at launch.

Reduced time to market

Codat’s business data APIs is robust and easy to implement, allowing Comma to configure and launch multiple integrations in considerably less time than it would have taken to build a single integration on their own.

Streamlined and safeguarded

Codat allows Comma to access data from multiple accounting platforms in real-time, enabling its customers to view and pay all of their expenses from one place—saving them time while eliminating costly errors like double payments thanks to automated reconciliation.

The outcome

Fully automated and secure end-to-end business payments

"Working with Codat has allowed us to build a system that accountants and businesses love. Comma completely revolutionizes the way businesses pay their staff and suppliers by connecting the data from their accounting platform directly to their existing business bank accounts."

– Tom Beckenham, Founder and CEO

Key results

  • Reduced time to market by 40% per integration
  • 70% customer adoption of integrations
  • 5-star rating maintained on Xero
  • Reduction in errors due to real-time data syncing
  • 4 hours saved by Comma’s customers every week through automated reconciliation
  • Multi award-winning solution

How it works

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Market-leading accounting integrations

With Codat’s Sync for Payables, Comma customers simply select their accounting platform of choice—Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, and more—and log in.

Switch horizontal

Simplified business payments

Once connected, Comma syncs company and supplier information, and retrieves any invoices for the customer to manage.

Build 5-star integrations like Comma

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