Codat provides Comma with access to the data they need to create a fully automated end-to-end payments process

About Comma

Comma gives their customers the ability to bulk pay bills, salaries, and taxes in a click without the need for corporate banking.

Our approach

Slow manual process

The use of multiple, disconnected systems to manage a companies' financials makes bill payment and reconciliation incredibly time consuming and difficult.

Risk and error

Due to slow, manual, and disconnected processes, accounting data is rarely up to date and is prone to issues such as duplicate payments and mis-keys.

Speed of development

Comma wanted to use established integrations to build their payments solution quickly and provide the coverage needed to serve all their customers, regardless of the accounting platform they use.

Streamline digital process

Codat allows Comma to automate and sync their customers’ payments data, saving them significant time and removing the need for any manual reconciliation.

Safeguard against risk

Codat provides Comma with real-time, accurate accounts payable data which reduces the risk of duplication and error when reconciling payments.

Plug and play

Codat’s single API allowed Comma instant integrations with all the major accounting platforms used by their customers, enabling Comma to build their solution in good time and get to market quickly.

“At Comma we have a simple mission; To remove the pain from payments. We want to make it easy for every business, no matter what size, to pay staff, suppliers, anything without the need for corporate bank accounts or complex, time consuming solutions. Working with Codat has allowed us to build a system which accountants and businesses love. Comma completely revolutionises the way business pay their staff and suppliers by connecting the data from their accounting platform directly to their existing business bank accounts ”

Tom Beckenham
Founder and CEO