Codat is the recommended alternative to Autofy

Rightworks recommends Codat as an alternative to Autofy, to power your integrations to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks online.

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About Codat

Codat provides business data APIs for lending and embedded accounting automation to over 300 fintechs and financial institutions globally.

We take the heavy lifting out of building and maintaining integrations to systems like QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and NetSuite, so you can focus on what makes your product unique.

A superior experience for connecting to QuickBooks

Codat has over 5 years experience in supporting some of the world leading fintech companies launch integrations to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.


A simple, white-labeled connection journey

Our out-of the box connection UI allows customers to start syncing in just a few steps, maximizing conversion.

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Compatible with QBD hosted environments

Codat’s connector is already installed on Right Networks and QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud, so there’s no need for you to get additional certification to support customers using hosted versions of QBD.

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Auto restarts and updates

Codat’s QuickBooks Desktop connector starts up automatically after a system reboot, and then updates silently in the background. There's no action needed from your users to keep data flowing.

Frequently asked questions

Does Codat support a QuickBooks Desktop integration?

Codat QuickBooks desktop solutions fully supports pull and push use cases and has been vetted by Rightworks technical team as a trusted alternative to Autofy. Codat enables integrations via the Intuit Web Connector, which significantly streamlines implementation. Codat provides  a white labeled customer linking journey, which is optimized to maximize conversion, and can be embedded into any application.

Which other integrations does Codat support?

You can find the full list of accounting integrations that Codat supports here 

How can I move from Autofy to Codat?

Speak to our team today to speak about how we can support you to transition to Codat. Fill in your details in the form below or email [email protected].

What use cases are supported with Codat’s QuickBooks Desktop integration?

Use cases supported by Codat's QuickBooks Desktop integration include:

Expense Management: syncing expense transactions and receipts. Find out more.

Accounts Payable: syncing supplier invoices and supplier invoice payments. Find out more.

Lending: pulling financial data from QuickBooks Desktop. Find out more.

If you're unsure whether Codat will work for you, email Cris at [email protected].

Who does Codat typically work with?

Codat helps some of the largest financial institutions and fintech companies to access, synchronize and interpret data on their business customers.

Codat specializes in powering connectivity to business financial platforms to be used for lending and accounting automation.

Codat does not work directly with small and medium-sized businesses or accounting practices to facilitate integrations between the systems that they use.