Codat becomes the approved integration partner of Intuit

Integrating with QuickBooks is now easier and faster via Codat.

Intuit have announced Codat as their integration partner to make it easier for developers to launch high-quality and secure QuickBooks connected apps. 

We have also successfully completed Intuit’s vendor onboarding programme, meaning we are now verified as a secure provider, and that the app approval process will be simplified for developers using Codat.  

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What does this mean for me?

Our support for QuickBooks Online and Desktop remains unchanged, as these integrations have been in place for some time. The partnership does, however, make it easier for developers using Codat to have their integration certified and listed on the QuickBooks marketplace. As well as the guidance Codat provides around the marketplace listing process, clients can now benefit from a streamlined developer registration and expedited onboarding process with Intuit. 

As a verified provider under Intuit’s vendor onboarding programme, clients can rest assured that all compliance and security requirements have been taken care of. They can also benefit from Codat’s extensive experience building and maintaining API integrations, something that is not available to financial services providers and fintechs that choose to build in-house. 

Why do I need a QuickBooks integration?

QuickBooks Online and Desktop accounting software packages are used by over 5 million businesses globally to accept business payments, pay bills, and manage payroll functions. For those that utilise accounting software, our research shows that QuickBooks Online and Desktop are the packages of choice for over 62% of SMBs in the US and one quarter in the UK. 

In addition to QuickBooks Online and Desktop, financial service providers and fintechs can easily access data from over 17 other accounting software packages via Codat, without having to worry about the complexities of authentication, data mapping, configuration, and data validation. You can explore all of our integrations here.

What can I build with this data?

The data produced by accounting packages offers a highly contextual and valuable source of real-time information that can be used in isolation or alongside other data sources to power a wide range use cases across sectors, from SMB software to lending and payments.

For instance, Zettle by PayPal, one of the largest payments, point of sale, and funding platforms, uses Codat’s technology to obtain access to the many accounting packages used by their customers, including QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Codat then standardises POS data for Zettle’s customers, mapping and grouping sales, payments, and fee data for them before pushing it into their accounting software. This helps Zettle deliver a faster, more convenient experience that strengthens customer acquisition and retention.

Zettle is dedicated to providing small businesses with the best tools to build their business and allowing our products to fit neatly with the rest of the software they use is vital for us. Codat has allowed us to offer a market-beating product without a huge development spend.”

Stephane Koch, Corporate Development Manager at Zettle by PayPal

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