Codat convenes Product Advisory Board to shape the future of finance

Codat convenes Product Advisory Board

Executives from Alloy, Brex, Clearco, Clover, and Ramp join forces with Codat.

New York, NY, April 13, 2022Codat, the universal API for small business data, today announced the formation of its new Product Advisory Board, bringing together a group of the most influential champions of the future financial ecosystem, including executives from Alloy, Brex, Clearco, Clover, and Ramp, as well as established financial institutions. Given the Codat platform’s unique position in the industry, the work of this board will both shape Codat’s roadmap and more broadly help transform the future of financial services for small businesses. 

“Codat operates at the intersection of so many exciting fintech companies that are leveraging small business data to build truly innovative financial products, so we would be missing a trick if we didn’t get the input from these brilliant minds. I’ve long respected these individuals as fellow innovators and pioneers in this industry.”

Peter Lord, CEO and co-founder of Codat

“We’re excited to be working with a group of leaders who share our passion for bringing SMEs into the new age of financial services. Moving forward, their guidance will be indispensable as Codat enters this next phase, and we look towards the future of our company,” said Peter Lord, CEO and co-founder of Codat.

The Product Advisory Board comprises 10 of Codat’s customers, partners, and strategic advisors who bring valuable experience and unique insights. These individuals’ collective expertise stretches across the financial services ecosystem—from digital payments companies to banking institutions to trading platforms. Board members include Gilad Rom, Chief Strategy Officer at Clearco; Yelena Reznikova, Senior Director of Business Development at Brex; Charley Ma, GM of Fintech at Alloy; and Ellen Linardi, VP of Product and Design at Clover. Together, they will help guide the future direction of Codat’s company and product.

The board will hold its inaugural meeting in April in New York and will meet twice a year to guide Codat’s strategy, offer input on products and services, and discuss solutions to industry challenges. The fresh perspectives from these entrepreneurs and industry experts on data connectivity will help Codat continue to unlock the best financial products and services for small businesses. 

“I’ve been following Codat closely almost since their inception and it’s been incredible to see how far they’ve come. API companies are leading the way in transforming financial services and Codat is a best-in-class example of that.”

Charley Ma, GM of Fintech at Alloy

Gilad Rom, Chief Strategy Officer at Clearco, commented on his reasons for joining the board, “We’ve already been working with Codat for a number of years because we believe that harnessing data in intelligent and innovative ways is the future of financial services.”

“I see joining Codat’s Product Advisory board as a chance to work with some incredibly talented leaders from across the industry to uncover new opportunities to improve the financial lives of small businesses. It’s rare to find examples of true, cross-industry collaboration like this and that’s what really appealed to me.”

Gilad Rom, Chief Strategy Officer at Clearco