Codat expands its coverage to support Pandle!

Codat’s new integration will further increase its coverage in the UK

Codat now supports an additional accounting integration, bringing the total number of integrations to 16. This integration supports our current UK coverage, connecting up to 40,000 small businesses with their financial services.

This release will allow for the pulling of receivables data such as a businesses customers and invoices, key financial statements such as Profit & Loss and the Balance Sheet and banking data.

For an up-to-date list of what software Codat supports see our docs.


Pandle has an estimated 40,000 users across the UK.

Pandle provides simple, free, and intuitive accounting software for small businesses for whom healthy cash flow, mobility, and tax compliance is a must.

For £5 per month businesses can pay for the Pro version, also supported by Codat’s Pandle integration. This tier includes added features such as bank feeds, receipt uploads, project tracking and cash flow forecasting tools.

What data are we pulling?

Codat’s new integration with Pandle allows financial service providers to pull an array of useful business data, such as:

  • Financial reports
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Bank account data

This will give providers an up-to-date picture of the financial health of their small business customers.

To gain a full understanding of exactly which data sets are available to pull, please visit our docs.

Who will stand to benefit?

Historically, providers such as lenders and FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) business apps, have found that there is a lack of financial data on their small business customers. This is particularly true of micro businesses or businesses at a startup level. 

By having a white-labelled and seamless integration with Pandle, this has changed. Lenders and insurers are now able to get a true picture of the financial health and changing needs of small businesses.

This in turn means that those smaller businesses benefit, as they can more easily access credit or insurance by quickly contributing their accounting data.

What’s next?

Codat’s aim is to work with Pandle to continually add to its capabilities, pushing and pulling more data sets as we go along.

We want to ensure that small businesses that use Pandle are able to access the full suite of financial services through their ability to quickly and accurately contribute their financial data to all of their providers.

In the future we’ll be adding multi-company selection for Pandle Pro users, particularly useful for accountancy firms handling the accounts of multiple small businesses.

For more information on our future plans for our Pandle integration, keep an eye on our public roadmap here.