How Ampla uses Codat to deploy capital in under 48 hours

Applications completed in 10 minutes

Over $2 billion deployed to customers

Cash deployed in 24 - 48 hours

About Ampla

Tech-forward financing for growing brands

Financial services provider Ampla needed easy access to customers’ commerce and accounting data so that it could make smarter credit decisions and offer more tailored services. With Codat, Ampla ditched a costly in-house build for turnkey integrations that streamline its underwriting and analytics.

The problem

A need for real-time insights without the development strain

To assess and track customers’ financial health, Ampla needed instant, ongoing access to business data through its commerce, retail, and accounting systems. Initially, Ampla tried to build the required integrations in-house, placing undue burden on its development team.

“It starts with the data,” said Jim Cummings, Ampla’s chief operating officer. “The better your data, the smarter your underwriting, the lower your loss rate, and the more extensive and affordable your capital solutions. But getting all that data off the ground is really hard to do.”

Data on demand

To make critical credit decisions, Ampla needed easy access to customers’ commerce and accounting data—including inventory figures, purchasing orders, invoices, and more.

Complex integrations

Maintaining integrations in-house was costly and time-consuming for Ampla’s team, and it took extra effort and expertise to ensure high-quality, standardized connections.

Round-the-clock support

Ampla needed ongoing visibility into customers’ business performance so the team could mitigate risk, track key metrics, and identify opportunities for additional financing.

The solution

With Codat, a turnkey, reliable data source

Ampla leveraged Codat’s token migration feature to transfer hundreds of active connections from their in-house Shopify integration to Codat—without their customers having to reconnect. There, it joined a number of other integrations, delivering standardized data from multiple commerce and accounting systems straight to Ampla’s platform.

“Codat made it easy to consolidate our integrations and keep all of our existing Shopify connections. They did all of the hard work in just a couple of weeks, and none of our customers had to reauthenticate.”

- Jim Cummings, Chief Operating Officer

Real-time data for quick, confident underwriting

Codat’s up-to-the-minute commerce and accounting data allows Ampla to quickly evaluate customers and deploy the capital they need to produce inventory, boost marketing efforts, fulfill purchase orders, and invest in go-to-market growth.

Powerful integrations with comprehensive coverage

With just one integration to Codat, Ampla gets standardized data from Shopify and many other commerce and accounting platforms their customers use. Better still, they don’t have to maintain or even think about these integrations in-house.

Continuous monitoring for tailored services

Not only does Codat’s real-time, standardized data lower Ampla’s risk, it allows them to automate updates to their customers’ financial services and offer highly customized solutions that meet businesses where they are.


Accelerated credit decisioning with minimized risk

“Codat’s real-time data means we can help our customers fuel growth faster without putting our bottom line at risk,” said Cummings.

Key results

  • Shorter application times leading to better conversion rates
  • Faster decisions due to streamlined underwriting
  • Cash deployed in 24-48 hours within credit risk parameters
  • Over $2 billion deployed to customers

How it works

Dataflow 3

One integration, countless connections

Ampla’s customers can integrate QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Shopify, Amazon, Square, WooCommerce, and more through Codat and deliver simple, standardized data.

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In-depth business insights

Ampla can develop analytics, scoring, and visualizations based on the data they stream through Codat and instantly share them with customers.

Make smarter, faster credit decisions like Ampla

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