Codat provides Ampla with the relevant ongoing and real-time data required to vet its customers for access to growth capital

About Ampla

Ampla provides tech-enabled financial solutions to help consumer brands grow. Ampla’s flagship working capital product offers credit and cash flow management to support their customers' eCommerce and/or retail growth strategies.

Our approach

Access to up-to-date data

Ampla needed real-time access to customers’ commerce and accounting data, such as inventory figures, purchase orders, invoices, and more. This allows Ampla to determine an initial credit limit and update this limit in real-time as their customers grow.

Finding the right coverage

Ampla works with consumer brands that are often digitally native and sell via eCommerce and/or retail channels. Building all the required integrations to serve this audience in-house and to a standard their customers expect would be costly, time-consuming, and require continuous maintenance.

Continuous support and monitoring

Ampla needed an integration provider that was able to support the ongoing monitoring of a customer's financial health to manage risk and plan for any potential future financing.

Real-time commerce and accounting data

Codat allows Ampla to onboard customers quickly and access the capital they need to produce inventory, increase marketing efforts, fulfill purchase orders, and invest in go-to-market expansion.

Powerful integrations

Digitally savvy brands have an expectation of online user journeys. Codat provides Ampla’s customers with the ability to connect easily to their workflows and get started right away. In a matter of clicks, customers are able to connect with the leading eCommerce, payment, and POS systems.

Ongoing tailored decisioning

Not only does Codat provide Ampla with standardised, contributed data from their customer’s commerce and accounting platforms, but Codat also allows for automatic updates to the customers’ financial software to help aid future decisioning and an ongoing tailored service.

“Partnering with Codat has allowed Ampla to streamline our application process and ongoing portfolio management. It has been a breath of fresh air for not only our engineering team, but also our business team. Not having to worry about maintaining complex integrations has allowed us to dedicate more resources on what is most important: serving our customers. ”

Jim Cummings
Chief Operating Officer