How Enduring Planet underwrites customers 3x faster with Codat

About Enduring Planet

Enduring Planet is a climate-focused alternative lender that provides founder-friendly capital to start-ups working to solve the climate crisis. Enduring Planet provides these start-ups with the funds they need to grow without dilution or collateral.

The problem

Enduring Planet’s customers needed to raise capital without diluting their equity

Accessing relevant data

Enduring Planet needed to access the right data from its applicants and build a robust underwriting process quickly, without compromising on risk management.

Manual uploading

Requiring applicants to upload information manually would result in a poor customer experience and slow down decisioning time, as the disparate data would need to be mapped to a standard format for analysis.

Delayed launch

Launching quickly was a top priority, but building, scaling, and maintaining integrations in-house threatened to delay Enduring Planet by 3-6 months.

The solution

Instant access to real-time customer data

Via Codat, Enduring Planet can leverage +30 accounting, banking, and commerce integrations to access multiple data types in one place. This means Enduring Planet can calculate funding offers quickly and remove any guesswork or bias from the process.

“Consuming multiple data sources for prospective lendees is a must in our business. We have one source of truth, one place to tackle problems, one place to access data and make decisions.”

- Dimitry Gershenson, Co-Founder and CEO

More time to support customers

Working with Codat allows Enduring Planet to focus on what they do best – supporting their customers.

“We skipped so much of the UX-building and backend system build. We were able to launch quickly and now continue optimizing and building out automation on our timeframe.

"Codat takes care of everything for us. Our starting point is months ahead of where we'd otherwise be."

Faster decision-making

Applicants share their real-time data via a single link. Codat then normalizes and cross-references the raw data to identify inaccuracies. This allows Enduring Planet to pull standardized data instantly and assess businesses quickly.

“Customers can fill out applications in 10 minutes and our underwriting team can review structured data transactions instantly. We provide term sheets in a week and funding in less than a month. The shortened application and underwriting process is huge."


Enduring Planet launched their product in weeks, not months

With Codat’s help, Enduring Planet launched its product 4x faster and set up a robust underwriting process 3x faster. Term sheets are now offered in a week and capital is deployed in under 30 days.

How it works

Dataflow 3

Best-in class coverage across multiple data sources

Enduring Planet’s start-up customers connect platforms like Xero, Stripe, and QuickBooks, in minutes using Codat’s pre-built, conversion-optimized authorization journey.

Switch horizontal

Cross-referenced data to ensure accuracy

Codat cross-references the start-up’s accounting transactions with other data types and highlights any missing or false transactions so Enduring Planet can confirm the accuracy of the data.

Check verified

Trusted solution at scale with premium support

Enduring Planet is able to scale their product with support from expert teams within Codat.