How Zettle by PayPal reduced merchant churn by 20%

20% less churn among connected merchants

3X more transactions processed by connected merchants

4X faster time-to-market by leveraging Codat

About Zettle by PayPal

Giving merchants the tools they need to compete

Zettle by PayPal is a financial technology company for small businesses. Zettle by PayPal offers modern point-of-sale (PoS) products designed to simplify every workday, providing small businesses with the tools they need to take payments and track every sale, all in one place.

“Zettle by PayPal is dedicated to providing small businesses with the best tools to build their business. Allowing our products to fit neatly with the rest of the software they use is vital.”

—Shiva Arsi, Senior Product Manager, Zettle by PayPal

The problem

Merchants need a solution that syncs with their accounting software

Zettle by PayPal’s merchants have diverse accounting needs that differ depending on their sector, transaction volume, location, and approach to bookkeeping. To maximize efforts and minimize workloads, merchants expect their PoS solutions to integrate seamlessly with their accounting software.

To keep merchants engaged, Zettle understood it needed to build a unified customer experience while avoiding the resource-intensive route of developing, maintaining, and supporting multiple accounting integrations from scratch.

A digital-first merchant experience

With customer engagement and retention hinging on a seamless UX, Zettle by PayPal understood the importance of integrations that could provide merchants with the connectivity they expect.

Cost-effective development & support

Automating bookkeeping for merchants is complex and requires dedicated software that Zettle would not be able to build, support, and maintain without significant ongoing investment.

Rapidly changing expectations

As more and more PoS solutions offer accounting integrations, customers have come to expect this feature.

The solution

Embeddable accounting integrations that automate bookkeeping

“Codat’s Sync for Commerce allowed us to swiftly deliver our solution to market, while alleviating major pain points for our merchants and our developers – without the time and resources it would have taken to build the necessary integrations in-house.”

—Shiva Arsi, Senior Product Manager, Zettle by PayPal

Seamless customer experience

Through Sync for Commerce, Zettle by PayPal puts merchants in control—allowing them to choose the data they want to synchronize and how often, without ever leaving the Zettle interface.

Cost-effective connectivity with a white-labelled solution

By embedding Sync for Commerce, Zettle by PayPal delivers high-quality integrations for platforms like Xero and QuickBooks Online without a large upfront or ongoing development cost.

Market-leading feature set

Sync for Commerce lets Zettle by PayPal offer the accounting integrations merchants expect with all the features they need to automate bookkeeping.

The outcome

Greater customer retention rates with fewer upfront costs

“Codat has allowed us to offer a market-beating product without a huge development spend.”

—Shiva Arsi, Senior Product Manager, Zettle by PayPal

Key results

  • 20% less churn among Zettle by PayPal customers who connect their accounts to Codat’s Sync for Commerce
  • 3X more transactions are processed when Zettle by PayPal customers are fully integrated
  • 4X faster time-to-market by leveraging Codat’s turnkey Sync for Commerce solution
  • Lower costs related to building, maintaining, and supporting integrations at scale

How it works

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Native experience

Codat allows Zettle by PayPal to embed integrations as a native feature, giving merchants increased functionality and value without directing them away from the platform.

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Automated bookkeeping

Sync for Commerce lets merchants map their Zettle by PayPal data to their accounting data in a few simple clicks, with full control over their sync schedule, accounting approach, and more.


Deeper insights

Sync for Commerce gives Zettle by PayPal's product, and support teams complete visibility into how merchants are using their integrations through a simple, intuitive interface.

Build an experience that keeps customers coming back, just like Zettle by PayPal

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