A global guide to the SMB market for fintechs and financial service providers


Read on to learn about:

• The size and composition of the small business market in France
• The fintech ecosystem and regulatory environment
• The top financial platforms in the region

The market at a glance

Size & make up of the market

France has a large market with many SMBs operating on low margins. The market is relatively insular, with low imports and exports.

International trade

French SMBs are half as likely as the OECD average to be engaged in international trade: 17% export; 25% import.

Most popular financial software

ComptaCom leads the accounting software market which has both a free and premium product. Wix dominates the eCommerce market although French SMBs have lagged behind European counterparts in moving to take orders online.

The fintech ecosystem

Despite the dominance of the banking sector, the fintech ecosystem is lagging behind due to a shortage of technical skills and government support, ranking 22nd out of 83 globally according to Findexable's global index.

Top financial software platforms


1.6M French SMBs have specialist bookkeeping or ERP software


of French SMBs use spreadsheets in place of accounting software


fully outsource bookkeeping to accountants

SMB tech readiness and the fintech ecosystem

Tech readiness and regulatory environment

Digital infrastructure, i.e., availability of high-speed internet in France is good, although French SMBs have been slower than other nations to adapt to taking orders via eCommerce.

Regulation around entrepreneurship is very supportive. In particular, the regulatory admin imposed on start-ups is low compared to other OECD countries.

In July 2024, France is introducing mandatory e-invoicing & real-time reporting for VAT, which will likely drive an increase in SMBs using digital systems to manage their finances.

Fintech ecosystem

The French government sees supporting growth in the fintech ecosystem as a priority, although historically, it has lagged behind its European counterparts.

In 2022, Macron publicly announced a target of reaching 100 French tech companies valued at over $1 billion, vs 25 in 2022.

France is ranked #22 out of 83 in Findexable's global index of the strength of fintech ecosystems.