Lend to small businesses

Fund more businesses

Build faster, higher-quality underwriting with enhanced banking data and real-time insights from your customers' financial software

Trusted by leading financial companies

Speed up underwriting

Customers share their data in a few clicks. Automate more decisions and get data to underwriters in minutes.

Approve more customers

See the complete picture of every business. Use real-time data shared from the systems your customers use every day.

Reduce default risk

Predict small business loan performance more accurately with comprehensive, high-quality data.

One simple connection flow

96% of businesses with over 50 employees are willing to share data to access credit.

  • Optimized for conversion
  • Secure authentication

Reliably categorized banking data

Access bank transactions categorized by a machine learning model trained on banking and accounting data from hundreds of thousands of small businesses.

A complete view of every business

Access and cross-reference data from accounting, ERP, eCommerce, payments, Point-of-Sale, subscription platforms, and more.

Already integrated with your lending stack

Access data in a standard format via API, spreadsheet downloads, or within your existing tools.

Data for better business underwriting

Small business lenders use Codat to disburse more funds faster and with lower risk

Revenue-based financing

Ampla deploys cash in under 48 hours “without putting our bottom line at risk.”

Trade credit and insurance

Nimbla reduces loss ratio from 50% to 24% and increases coverage for users by up to 3.5X.

Invoice finance and flexible payments

Playter automates more credit decisions with 99% accuracy when customers “connect in minutes.”

Sustainable finance

Enduring Planet provides term sheets to climate entrepreneurs within a week.