The leading business identity platform

Middesk enables innovative companies to accelerate customer onboarding by applying modern data science and machine learning techniques with trusted data sources to verify business identities in real-time, improving conversion rates while cutting manual reviews. Built on our own data infrastructure, Middesk provides complete and up-to-date data on 100% of registered businesses in the United States.


"With Middesk, we've introduced significant automation and efficiency into our onboarding flows. We can now compliantly auto-approve over 50% of new applicants, eliminate the risk of onboarding bad actors, and convert good customers faster using their technology. We take pride in partnering with innovative companies that help us better serve and empower our customers."

Sterling Snow Chief Revenue Officer, Divvy

The complete solution to identify and verify any business

Get a complete and accurate view of your customers including entity names, officers, business addresses, TIN verification, and watchlist screening. Whether you're looking to onboard businesses for payment processing, issue lines of credit, or simply open a new commercial account, Middesk can help.


Streamline your underwriting process with accurate liens data

Start by telling us a customer's business name and address, and Middesk will automatically search UCC Portals to return lien origination details, amendments, history, and supporting documents. Our Liens Search API provides direct connections to government portals so lenders can stop wasting time searching through vendor or state portals, or manually reviewing documents, and start closing more deals with businesses, faster.