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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an active company?

An active company is one of your business customers using an integration you have built with Codat. A company is any one of your business customers who has authorised your app to access their data in at least one of the platforms with which you integrate via Codat. A company is considered active if you have pulled or pushed any data from or to one of their connected platforms in the past 30 days.

Can I migrate integrations I have already built and will my users need to reauthenticate?

Yes, you can migrate your integrations to Codat without requiring users to reauthenticate. More information about migrating existing connections can be found in the docs

Which platforms can I integrate with via Codat?

Codat provides a range of products that let you connect to all the leading accounting and commerce platforms used by small businesses, as well as bank accounts via our Open Banking partners. A complete list of the integrations you can build via Codat can be found in the docs and in the coverage explorer.

How is data kept secure?

All data are encrypted end-to-end, in transit using SSL, and at rest using AES-256, managed by Microsoft Azure. Codat is ISO27001, SOC 2, and GDPR-compliant. Codat conducts and passes regular penetration testing. Codat's Compliance and Platform Security teams can provide extensive detail on our policies, infrastructure, and more. To connect with them, please get in touch using the form below.

What support is available?

All users have access to extensive documentation and guides. Start-up users have access to email technical support. Enterprise users benefit from access to premium technical support, a dedicated account manager, and much more support to deploy integrated products at scale.

What is premium technical support?

Clients on Enterprise plans can access "premium technical support." These clients have prioritized access via their Account Manager to our expert teams and in some cases will have enhanced SLAs (service level agreements) to guarantee a faster resolution of issues. For more information on the services and support available on an Enterprise plan, please get in touch via the form below.

What's on your roadmap and how can I submit a suggestion?

A summary view of the Codat product roadmap is published here. We welcome feedback on the roadmap and requests for new features and platforms.

Do different products have different pricing models?

Yes, on Enterprise plans products are priced separately. On the Start-up plan however products are not priced separately. £25/$30 per active company per month lets you access all Codat products.

Are my five free companies per integration from the Free plan still free on the Start-up plan?

No, the Free account provides a limited amount of production access intended to help you build and test integrations. Once on Start-up you simply pay for what you use.

Do I have to pay for sandbox connections?

No, you do not pay for sandbox connections. Sandbox integrations are intended purely for development and testing. Companies connected only to sandbox integrations are never billed as active companies.

I'm not in the United States, how much does the Start-up plan cost?

Start-up is always billed monthly with no minimums. The monthly price per active company is 30 USD in the United States and 25 GBP anywhere outside of the United States.

How many companies can I connect in production on Free?

The Free account lets you build and test integrations. On this plan a maximum of five companies can be linked for each platform. The total number of linked companies also cannot exceed 50 across all platforms.