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How Plastiq made B2B payments work for SMBs

Learn how Plastiq help their customers save valuable time by automating the reconciliation of B2B payments data.

Get a rare insight into the world of small businesses

Learn how Plastiq, a B2B payments company and Codat client, is making it easier for SMBs to focus on their growth and deliver value to their customers. Hear directly from one of Plastiq’s customers, Sunbasket, a meal delivery kit industry leader, about the positive impact on the business.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The most significant challenges to Sunbasket’s finance team.
  • How Plastiq built a winning B2B payments product for small businesses.
  • What the future of SMB payments looks like.

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Yasamin Karimi

Head of Product at Codat

Aditya Mishra

VP, Product Management at Plastiq

Todd Smith

VP, Corporate Controller at Sunbasket