How Nimbla uses Codat to instantly underwrite invoices and cut risk

Loss ratio improved from 50% to 24% with accounting data

Up to a 350% increase in cover limits for applicants

Price reductions of up to 42% for applicants

About Nimbla

Data-driven invoice insurance for SMBs

Nimbla is a London-based digital insurance platform designed to give small and medium-sized businesses a flexible and affordable way to insure individual invoices against insolvent and late-paying customers. By integrating with Codat, Nimbla can access the data it needs to confidently underwrite customers’ entire sales ledger, enabling superior insurance coverage at far less risk.

Data visibility

To accurately underwrite invoices, Nimbla needs direct access to its customers’ accounting data.

Digital experience

For its customers to share data quickly and accurately, Nimbla’s solution has to be seamless.

Time-consuming in-house build

Accounting integrations are the answer, but the process of building and maintaining them in-house is lengthy and expensive.

The solution

With Codat, a seamless path to SMB accounting data

Codat allows Nimbla to connect directly to their applicants’ accounting systems. From there, they can access the data needed to provide deeper risk insights, reduce loss ratios, and offer the lowest premiums for customers. Codat’s APIs also frees Nimbla from technical heavy lifting, allowing its team to focus on building the differentiated insurance propositions that set the platform apart.

“Our partners benefit from greater risk insight, improved customer experience, and better risk hygiene. The pre-processing of accounting data using Nimbla’s company matching means invoices and contact data are clean and insurance-ready, making the customer journey instant.”

– Flemming Bengtsen, Founder & CEO, Nimbla

Standardized data

Codat maps all data to a standardized format, independent of the accounting software an SMB uses, so Nimbla can feed accounting data directly into its risk model and unlock fast and accurate underwriting decisions.

Seamless customer experience

Codat helps Nimbla deliver a faster, more convenient UX by integrating its products with customers' accounting software as a fully white-labeled solution.

One integration

Codat allows Nimbla to access all the data it needs with no maintenance required.

The outcome

Better coverage and risk mitigation, driven by accounting data

“The synergy between Codat and Nimbla powers a better insurance product that benefits both the insurer and the insured. Through our work with Codat, we’ve measured a loss ratio of 24% when accounting data is used versus 50% when it’s not. This has enabled better underwriting data, lower premiums, and a more flexible product offering.”

–Flemming Bengtsen, Founder & CEO, Nimbla

Key results

  • Loss ratio improves from 50% to 24% when users connect their accounts
  • Up to a 350% increase on total coverage available to customers
  • Price reductions of up to 42% for applicants
  • Quicker, better-informed coverage decisions

How it works

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Instant access to underwriting

After connecting their accounting platforms via Codat, Nimbla’s customers can see the cost of coverage for every invoice they generate, enabling them to select the transactions they want to protect in just a few clicks.

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Credit risk transparency

With ongoing access to accounting data, Nimbla offers its customers continuously updated credit information, so they can make informed decisions about their business and protect their revenue streams.

Make fast, informed insurance offers like Nimbla

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