Sync for Payroll

Embedded accounting automation for payroll software providers

Everything payroll providers need to deliver high-quality accounting integrations for customers, fast.

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Win against competitors on automation

Save more time for customers by automating the reconciliation of payroll journals.

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A complete toolkit for accounting sync

No need to become an expert in accounting. Sync for Payroll provides a step-by-step guide to ship the highest quality accounting integrations.

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Get to market faster

Deliver accounting sync for NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, and more with a single integration.

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Allow customers to configure their integration their way

With a simple connection flow, Sync for Payroll pulls customers’ chart of accounts from their accounting package so that they can select how they want payroll to be reconciled.

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Build once, sync data with all the major accounting & ERP platforms

Sync for Payroll puts data from any supported accounting and ERP package into a single standardized model, so there’s no need for you to build multiple accounting integrations.

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Simple documentation made for payroll providers

Our API documentation has been purpose-built for payroll software providers to fast-track the development process, based on our experience working with some of the industry's leading names.


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Explore the impact of accounting automation features on customer acquisition and retention.

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