About Codat

Codat is the platform for business data

Through our single API, we provide real-time connectivity to the financial software used by small businesses globally

What does Codat do?

We handle the heavy lifting of integrations, leaving clients free to focus on how customer data can improve their product or service.

We empower small businesses by ensuring their systems and services are interconnected, allowing them to harness their data to access bespoke products and freeing up their time to focus on growing their business.

Who uses Codat?

Codat has over 100 clients globally across different industries from traditional lenders and Tier 1 UK banks to alternative finance, cashflow forecasting and POS providers.

Codat in numbers

+100 Clients around the world
150 Employees and growing fast
+22M API calls per month
+30 Integrations supported today

“We've only just started to scratch the surface of the change that will come from allowing businesses to leverage their own data.”

Peter Lord

Codat leadership

Peter Lord, Codat

Peter Lord

CEO & Co-Founder

Dave Hoare, Codat

Dave Hoare

CTO & Co-Founder

Alex Cardona, Codat

Alex Cardona

COO & Co-Founder

Yasamin Karimi, Codat

Yasamin Karimi

Head of Product

Craig Nile, Codat

Craig Nile

VP Sales - North America

Matt Hicks, Codat

Matt Hicks

VP Sales - Europe & ROW

Sarah Roles, Codat

Sarah Roles

Head of Client Solutions

Jason Dryhurst-Smith, Codat

Jason Dryhurst-Smith

Head of Engineering

Jon Burrell, Codat

Jon Burrell

Head of Delivery

Tom Denny, Codat

Tom Denny

Head of People

John Hicks, Codat

John Hicks

Head of QA

Join the Codat team

If you'd like to be a part of where Codat is heading then please check out our job openings.

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