Powerful business insights

Build actionable insights for your small business customers by aggregating and visualizing data from across their core financial systems.

Business data in one place

Connect to the financial platforms your customers use through standardized APIs that are built, managed, and maintained by Codat.


Accelerate your product launch

Launch new connected products up to 6x faster compared to going it alone. Accelerate time to market and focus your time on serving customers.

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Expand your addressable market

Win and retain new customers by supporting the financial systems they use. Expand your offering and grow revenue streams across your products and services

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Drive customer adoption

Build high-value financial dashboards that your customers want to use. Centralize data insights from across your customers' existing financial stack.

"Being able to connect our customers with so many of their software applications in a simple and standard way is brilliant"

Chris Johnson Product Lead at Virgin Money

Powering leading fintechs and financial institutions

Powerful solutions for real world problems

Eliminate time-consuming and costly integration builds, and support multiple capabilities without needing multiple providers.


One simple connection flow

Standardize how your customers connect to software integrations. Use Codat's optimized, white-labeled Link solution or build the experience into your app.

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Embedded financial dashboards

Leading financial institutions and fintech providers use Codat’s standardized API to aggregate financial data, helping them to expand their product offering and monitor their portfolio performance.

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Powerful financial planning

Cash flow forecasting and financial analytics platforms use enriched data to build real-time reporting. Optimize how customers connect to their accounting software so they can see value as quickly as possible.

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Real-time carbon accounting

Environmental impact platforms use accounting data to track emissions throughout the supply chain. Support small businesses with detailed assessments of their carbon footprint, regardless of the financial systems they use.

Our products that make it possible

Simply connect to your customers' financial data, so they can start getting value from your product faster.

Accounting API

Connect to your SMB customers' accounting data.

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Banking API

Connect to your SMB customers' banking data.

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Commerce API

Connect to your SMB customers' commerce data.

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Visualize business performance

Software providers and financial institutions use Codat to help their small business customers get more insight from their financial data.

Easy data connectivity

Virgin Money uses Codat to connect to its customers in a simple, standard way.

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Seamless experience

Dodo took their time to value from a matter of months to just a few minutes.

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Turn data into opportunities

Experian used Codat to build holistic financial profiles for better SMB lending.

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