Banking API

Access banking data from every small business

Standardize how you connect to your customers' bank accounts. Combine banking data with accounting data to build a clearer picture of small businesses' financial health.

Powering the best lending solutions and providers

Standardized banking integrations

Connect to your customers' banking data through our integrations with our partner providers Plaid, TrueLayer, and Basiq.

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Simple, standardized API

Retrieve up-to-date standardized data for banking accounts, account balances, and transactions in the same way through our partner providers.


Build at scale

Build integrations at scale using our standardized banking data model, alongside accounting data via a single API.


Enrich financial data

Pull your customers' banking transactions and transaction categories to better understand activity.

Better small business lending

Access banking and accounting data via a single API, and build a more up-to-date and reliable picture of your customers' financial health.

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Get a complete picture of your customers

Use banking data alongside accounting data to build more context around small businesses' financial health. Improve data accuracy and quality by cross-referencing multiple data sources to surface more insight.


Effortless authorization for your customers

Increase conversion by enabling your business customers to connect their banking, accounting, and commerce platforms via a single user journey.

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One data model

Our integrations with Plaid, TrueLayer, and Basiq enable you to retrieve up-to-date account and transaction data from banks worldwide.


Connect banking data for smarter, faster decisions

Build integrations with a standardized data model to the banking platforms your customers already use.

Complete business data

How lenders can use banking data to make smarter, faster credit decisions

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Why universal APIs matter

Learn how to access banking data through a universal API can boost your business

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